Küchen Quelle & Kiveda

Initial situation

In October 2019, Küchen Quelle / Kiveda were separated from the former bankruptcy estate of QUELLE as these companies were healthy components. At this point the partnership with SevenVentures began.


After the insolvency of the parent company, TV advertising positively recharged the brand. Operational and strategic support for the exit strategy.


Successful merger with the SevenVentures investment Kiveda, a kitchen online retailer. Return to profitability. This case demonstrates that it is often worth removing and continuing healthy components from an insolvency.

"With our strong commitment and thanks to SevenVentures, we were able to register two strategic successes. Firstly, the investment gave us the opportunity to run nationwide advertising, thereby positioning our business correctly and also creating a positive image for our brand. In addition, we were also able to find our buyer and new partner Kiveda in this environment. An online kitchen retailer which was perfectly suited to our concept of mobile sellers of high-quality kitchens. This enabled an alliance to be built for the future."